We apply time-tested investment strategies backed by years of best practices grounded in diversification and prudence.  Unlike larger firms, we are not conflicted by having a financial interest in the selection of investments through our fiduciary investment advisory services. 

Our advisors will work with you to develop an investment policy and strategy unique to your personal goals, time horizon, and desire for return or stability. 

We utilize a team approach in the selection and monitoring process used to evaluate the investment securities that we use.  Finally, through our relationship with TD Ameritrade Institutional, our advisory clients are able to achieve the low fund costs generally reserved for only the wealthy.

Our process includes:

  • Identifying goals and evaluating your financial condition

  • Evaluating your preference for return or stability

  • Selecting a strategic mix of investments

  • Drafting an Investment Policy

  • Implementing the plan

  • Monitoring the portfolio and your financial condition

  • Revising the plan as needed