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Five Points Financial Services, a financial planning firm, was created to serve our customers' diverse needs for investment alternatives, investment management services, and insurance coverage.  We seek to provide superior advice by remaining unbiased and not offering propriety products.

We dedicate ourselves to enhancing our customers' financial awareness through diligent education, and their portfolios by managing high-quality, diverse investments focused on attaining your financial goals.  Our representatives practice long-term investment programs rather than high risk, short-term trading practices.

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3rd Quarter, 2014 Market Commentary
"The Return of Market Volatility"

HOT TOPIC: Nebraska's 529 Savings Plan (NEST) Increases Tax Deduction

A new law passed in 2013 will allow account owners of Nebraska's 529 College Savings Plans (NEST) an increased state income tax deduction for contributions into their accounts.  Beginning in 2014, account owners will be able to deduct $10,000 for a single person or a married couple filing jointly or $5,000 if married as a single filer, increasing the deduction from the previous amounts of $5,000 and $2,500.

If you have been considering a tax efficient account to save for college expenses, a 529 plan may be appropriate for you.  Contact our Investment Professionals if you have any questions related to saving for college.  The full news release can be accessed here.